When tattoo is ready, It will be cleaned and with covered ”second skin” type protect dressing. This will help to keep the fresh tattoo clean and prevent risk of infections. Sometimes, if protect dressing can’t be used tattoo will be covered with thin layer of waseline and with a cling film.

If cling film is used, take the film off after 2-3 hours. If the “second skin” is used, remove the second skin after 1-3 days. If water or dirt gets under protect dressing or if youre skin is irritated by protect dressing, you should remove It. Removing it under running water helps the process.

Do not use hot water directly on a fresh tattoo. Start with cool water and slowly turn temperature to warm. Wash the tattoo under running pure tap water. If you want, you can also use mild, non perfumed soap.Tap your tattoo dry with a fresh clean towel. Do not rub.

Put on a thin layer of tattoo aftercare suitable lotion (bebanthen, Bevita-R, Hustle Butter, Easy Tattoo) If You dont have a suitable cream, you can by some at the Studio. Do not use cortisone or any cream or lotion that you are not sure if they are suitable for tattoo aftercare. These may irritate your skin and damage the tattoo.

Durring next two weeks NO sauna, swimming, hot tubs, solarium, tanning and sweaty exercise. Keep the wound clean and moisturize It after washing. If you need to add moisturize during the day, do It with clean hands.

Wash your tattoo about 2-3 times per day with water. You can protect the tattoo overnight with a clean cloth or medical band aid.
After 4-7 days, your tattoo starts peeling and/or flaking. It’s completely normal part of the healing process. Do not pick it. After this point, tattoo may seem like it’s lighter than it should be. It may also have some shininess to it. This will pass as the skin renews and the tones will get more saturated. Tattoo may itch durring healing and you may slap it lightly. Do not scratch the tattoo.
For some sanitary reasons, such as working in a dirty environment, it’s okay to cover your tattoo with cling film for short times, but usually It is better to let the tatto ”breathe”.

Once your skin is healed, there is no longer need for intensive washing and moisturizing. Protect the tattoo from constant and direct sunlight for a month. Sun can fade up the colors of your tattoo, so use sunblock from now on. Tattoo will be fully healed about after 4 weeks. At this point You can see if the tatoo needs a touchup.